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Advance are a community with every member part of our democratic structure.  We exist to serve our members and our members decide who it is that make the decisions about our strategy and plans.  As a Trade Union it is our elected representatives who govern and manage our resources and ensure we act in ways that best serve the needs of our union.

The members elect our General Secretary. She (or he) is the chief executive officer and key spokesperson for our organisation.  Linda Rolph has been our General Secretary since 1997.  Linda is supported by a number of paid officials, a helpine and office team and representatives who take time away from their work duties in order to undertake activity for Advance on behalf of members in thier business area.

Members elect representatives from across our membership to serve on the  National Executive Committee.  They form the governing body of our organisation, answerable to our Annual General Meeting and the members they represent.  The NEC oversee the work of the General Secretary and are responsible for ensuring Advance acts in the interest of our members.

Local area representatives are also elected to represent members in thier part of the business and form Local Area Committees. Each area committee is aligned to a National Executive committee representative, broadly based on company business divisions and geographical location.   Advance also have some 'points of contact' - thier role is non elected but they help us maintain our visability and provide information on the benefits of Advance to staff that work in thier business unit.


National Executive Committee (NEC) 

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