What We Do


Advance act collectively on behalf of our members.  That means we speak on behalf of you, with the combined influence of all our members rather than you having to stand up on your own. We aim to improve the working lives of our members in partnership with Santander UK, Geoban and any other employers by being the informed voice of our members.

We are an independent trade union, part of the TUC (Trade Union Congress) and represent members in all divisions of Santander UK including the Retail bank, Geoban, Head Office sites and all other business areas.  We are the recognised union for all Santander & Geoban UK staff except for those on ex A&L contracts, based at Carlton Park or Bootle.

 While we are aware of business change and the impact that they can have on issues such as Job Security, we will continue to improve all aspects of your working life, whilst ensuring dignity and respect at work.

Our main objectives are:

  1. Opportunity and equality for all.
  2. Security of employment.
  3. Fair pay and reward.
  4. Fair treatment and adherence to policies and procedures which have been jointly agreed.
  5. A reasonable work/life balance.

The Financial Services industry is currently a very challenging environment and we will work constantly on our Number One aim which is to represent the views of our members, both individually and collectively.

Advance is our members’ union, and we always welcome constructive feedback on all issues that affect your working life. 

Advance is your voice at work, ensuring that you are heard and that your opinions are given the credence that they deserve.


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